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Conclave ranking up + weekly rewards bugged


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So, I know conclave doesn't fall into the prioritized content category and surely not right now, but I seem to have catched a pretty big bug today. I simply can't rank up from it. I'm currently at tempest rank, trying to get to hurricane ( rank 3 to 4 ). to keep things in perspective, I'm mr27, and I was at around 53k standing today before doing some matches. After a few of them, I wanted to check if I had enough standing to rank up, since I didn't wanna waste the big pool of remaining standing by going blindly into other matches. talking about wasting, I coincidentally completed my weekly challenges just before checking my standing and, having never done it before, I opened the message from teshin, which supposedly rewarded me around 50k standing and also vengeful revenant(which I already had but it's always some decent plat) .when looking at my standing in the liset tho , I could noticed that I was only at 66k/70k standing, but since I was supposed to have received 50k with the weeklies, that didn't make sense. So i checked my mod and surely, the vengeful revenant I had just been rewarded with wasn't there ( kinda more pissed about that than standing)

(Here's a small proof that I don't have received the mod, I swear I already had one before opening the message and I didn't sell the duplicate)


So, after checking all of that, I went ahead and did a few more matches so I could at least rank up today. after like 2 ffa where I gained decent standing, I checked again and this time, the situation was even worse. From the orbiter syndicate view, it was showing me taht i was at 73k out of the 70k required for the next level.


Thinking it was only a display bug, I still visited the conclave to rank up and not waste my daily standing before stopping for the day. so I went to teshin and , when I tried to rank up, It told me that i didn't have enough standing, quite absurd in this situation. I also have more than enough creds and orokin catalysts to rank up



I the end, I don't know what could cause the error, maybe if the threshold value is somehow crossed, it considers that you're only at the amount of "overflow" of standing and thus tells you you're too low. But i can't figure out how I managed to cross the threshold in the first place. I don't think any advice will be helpful, i've already restarted the game in case it was just a desync. I guess the only thing we can do is wait until it gets patched

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