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The Inferno Alliance is Recruiting


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Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven - The Inferno Alliance (TIA)

We are an alliance with a community building goal in mind. Join us as clan or we can take you as an individual!

Fun and friendly alliance. Not too big to feel like a massive government; not too small to feel like a kindergarten 😉 

We always have community building activities/events such as alliance contests, fashion frame prizes, movie nights, trivial games, mini game bots, giveaways and lots more! and we are building a community and a true alliance.

Our goal is to create a friendly, respectful, and active community in this alliance to help each other out and prepare for when the Dark Sectors and Solar Rails are back for a strong impact!

One of our clans Vicious Violence has just won the Featured Dojo Contest!

Will you and your clan join us to build this community and grow together?

More details on events we are doing very often are as follows:

Obstacle course
POE run races
Kavat/Kubrow fashion (themed: ex: for holidays, best flame-looking pet, most badass...)
Fashion frame (themed: ex: idem as pet fashion, stalker themed, element themed...)
Orbiter fashion
Operator fashion
Best "Captura"
Trivial games like Cards Against Humanity (CAH), Town of Salem (ToS) etc.
And, many more.
We have a dedicated feedback/ideas thread on our discord to encourage ideas and feedback on the alliance. We do have a discord server set up and we have 3 requirements to join the alliance, reach out to discuss. We have a structure of alliance staff that cooperate together to keep the alliance healthy, active and fun!

We also have various bots on our Discord server that can price check stuff and keep you updated about alerts, invasions, sorties, etc and sub you to alerts and POE cycles! And ofc a music bot 😉

We will help each clan and clan mates to grow whether it being resource farming, leveling, or simply build sharing, we will be there to help you!

And all alliance members will be treated equally and fairly as we are building a great and friendly community. The alliance has an alliance emblem and our very own streamer; the path to WF partnership has already begun!

Check them out:

dezsaras: https://www.twitch.tv/dezsaras

Alliance emblem 7Pq7OnF.jpg

The direct link to our discord is https://discord.gg/6uuh2Sn You can join as a guest and tell us if you wanna join the alliance as a clan or as an individual 🙂

To have your clan join our alliance or you wanna join as a single member, please either post here or PM in-game either of the following people: Kiri, _fur

For faster response, you can also DM on Discord if we are not in game at the time,  Kiri#9773, fur#2037 

Have questions? ask away!

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