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Void Fissure reward selection not loading


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Ive encountered this in my last 4 relic missions.
Between them are multiple reboots of my system and one router reboot as well.
Each time all rewards were labled as loading and i couldnt select anything, hitting extraction didnt even work in one case forcing me to Alt+F4 the game.


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Still happens.

I have:
Rebooted my System
Rebooted my Router
Updated Drivers
Deactivated Firewall and Antivirus
Redownloaded the whole client and deleted previous configs
Changed Ports

Still the same issue.

I hope youll find the issue soon as im collecting Ducats and Credits for the Tennocon Relay, but since i cant pick anything ill have to pause that.



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Im tired of having to give up on my rewards.

This has been happening since this update came with the new UI, half the time we finish a fissure we get an error where the rewards screen comes with no timer and just stays there forever, we literally can't get out of the mission or secure our rewards and the only way to fix it is by host leaving and of course 80% of the time that i host we get this bug and i have to leave. This is specially S#&$ty because this game for some gods unknown reason STILL doesn't have an option to prefer not to host so i'm not only forced to host against my will unless i leave half the missions i start but then im forced to give up on loot so my squad gets it and everyone carries on with their lives. I'm tired of this, tired of working so hard and having to make sacrifices every single day to not be rewarded and watch other people be rewarded instead, this is no way a game should ever treat their players.

Please for the love of god DE fix these UI/hosting bugs that came with this update i legit broke down into tears yesterday because of how harsh the game was being on me with all the crashes and game breaking bugs, it took me the entire day to finish a single radshare without losing someone in the loading screen or the rewards bugging out. I don't think im entitled to RNG based rewards, but i deserve at least a chance at trying to get them, this is ruining the game for me more than any other bug has and im legit considering quitting once im done farming this gift to my SO.

Im also not giving out free rewards to strangers anymore, everytime i get this bug as host i'll stay in the mission, i don't care if other people aren't to blame, nobody even tries to help me when i need help in this game, i've been always the one carrying and helping people and never minded it but i don't owe anyone anything. Either do something about your crazy netcoding and p2p hosting system that breaks in some way every update or find a way to protect your players from suffering from it over and over because the frequence in which this happens is ludicrous. Playing a horror game doesnt even come close to how scary it is to play Warframe with the constant feeling that something is gonna go wrong and all your work will go down the drain. This game has way too many game breaking bugs that should no way in hell be ignored and im getting tired of it.

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And its back, also had one were we couldnt leave the select relic screen. All members did select no relic, i was in Teamspeak with 2 of them, but the selection of one player didnt register. None of us could get any further reaction form the UI, even Ecape didnt do anything, i had to alt+f4 the game so my buddies would hopefully still get their rewards at the end of the round with someone else being host. I managed to get back in before they reached the extraction point, but my relic rewards were not saved. So yeah, 4 Radiant Axis with parts i needed, and i got nothing.

Dear DE i know your propably quiet bussy with Tennocon preparations, but this is getting really frustrating especially for people with a digital Tennocon ticket hoping to buy lots of stuff from Baro. Please do something about these new Relic bugs, or heck rollback to the old UI and System until after Tennocon were you might have enough time to iron out all those bugs.


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