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I'd love to see more colour pickers made avaiable. In theory it shouldnt be a load more work to impliment, though i may be wrong.

I loved the Spektaka colour picker that was released as a Prime subscription reward ...

(though not as a subscription reward, i'd prefer more that are directly purchasable, as i subscribed for a month but imedialt cancled my subscription as im just not interested in Prime, i just wanted the colour picker.)

... and would love to see more pickers with fewer main colours with long transition gradiants between. Especially for non-complimentary colours. (A red that turns to green, then purple, then brown & back to red for example).

Colours are so important to fashion framing, I'd love to see more direct purchase ones that arn't limited time ones.

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Seconded, just having more colours or brighter/darker shades of various existing colours would be fantastic, using Legacy Colours is not really an option with how it resets the second you wanna look at a non-Legacy Colour.

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