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Compiled list of bugs I've discovered (ongoing)


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Good day I'm  trying to compile a a list of bugs that seem to at times go unnoticed for some time as they seem to be rare instances.

Exploiter- after mounting and removing one of her cores and watching the small scene that follows Exploiter had become very small about half the size of my warframe.

Terra enemies- The Raptor and Trencher seem to have issues staying above the ground and at times fall through the map on the bottom floor of the Temple of Profit, when this happens the Raptor spawn seem to decrease sharply. Further testing and this is also happening on the main floor of the space station of the interior.

Operator-in the Lower level of Temple of Profit Void Dash was supplying me with infinite energy upwards of 1850, every dash replenished all my energy immediately. (no there was no Energy orbs nearby)

Mining- In Orb Valis mostly various spots seem to be lacking hot spots to complete the mine and fewer are placed in locations that the angle of the cutter will not reach.

Arch Gun- during profit taker i was unable to use my Arch Gun it was highlighted on the wheel with no cool down but still not activating when clicked on.

Profit taker- In areas that have the tall mushroom like trees Profit Taker will occasionally float/walk above them 

Rescue- in the Lua sortie rescue, the door that triggers the count down would not open despite being properly hacked on occasion

General-loading into missions where i am unable to move period . very rare but happens still. NOTE re spawning did not solve the issue. this occurred to me most recently during a mission in progress which was the Vay Hek fight

-In the Quills cave if you hit menu and go into your arsenal and then return back to your operator in the cave when closing the menu the lighting becomes extremely dark. closely resembling your Xbox dimming when your inactive. 


Synthesis Targets- i recently scanned all parts of a target that was not my own and received no standing for doing so. (this may be me not looking at past patch notes) but i thought we all received standing for any squad members targets.

Zaws- fairly frequently my Zaw with the stance Rending Crane is putting me under the map or inside the environment when performing executions.

Catchmoon- I'm not sure if this is a bug or if the weapon is designed this way but my rounds pass through enemies closer than 1 m, almost as if the round fires from passed 1m and not from the barrel directly

Itzel- on occasion i would have a visual bug that would make the Itzels third ability the teleport not have an animation and it comes off rather jarring and can make it more difficult to traverse terrain quickly

Saryn/Saryn prime - when going into operator mode using the default  both bumpers method would sometimes  not allow you to use any abilities or select and ability with the D pad when going back into your warframe. Note i haven't had this issue with any other frame

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