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Killing Grineer Prosecutors via falls doesn't meet Jupiter Junction requirement


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I caused 2 Prosecutors to fall to their deaths with melee slam attacks (1st one on Kiste & 2nd one on Lex) and received Javlok Capacitors and the kill confirmation messages from Lotus. However the Star Chart pop-up on the navigation screen didn't update. I visited the Junction to confirm that the Specter could not be fought. I killed a 3rd Prosecutor on Bode directly with melee weapons this time instead of environmental deaths and the Star Chart pop-up updated properly. I'm assuming the first two kills triggering the drops and Lotus messages means the 'kill count' not being updated is not intended by the developers.

I'm unsure of what I can provide as hard evidence but this seems like it would be easy to double-check with a fresh account.

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