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Excal Exalted Blade Finisher Bug


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It seems that when I radial blind as Excal I am unable to do a finisher from the front while using his exalted blade.  Front finisher works fine with a normal melee weapon after a radial blind but for some reason the exalted blade does not work.  I can do an exalted blade finisher from the back but not from the front.  The front attacks after a radial blind do not do finisher damage either (while ago the finisher damage used to happen without the animation but that doesnt happen here).  I tested on both excal and excal umbra and dont have excal prime but i would assume it is the same.  From this limited testing it would seem to be an issue with the exalted blade and not the radial blind because other melee weapons can do finishers from the front using radial blind.

Thank you!

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It is currently an bug for swords generally. Even when you sleep enemys with Ivara, Equinox or Baruuk, you wont be able to do frontal finishers.
I think it has to do with the stylish finishers that slipped trough an hotfix. They might have issues with the coding of the finishers, so they decided to temporarily remove frontal finishers for sword weapons in general.
But just an theory
an game theory

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