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Hostile Mergers, did not receive points or trophy.


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Played a mission that lasted almost 2 hours and got 17k points (yay, new highscore!). Two of us died at the very end of it, and then we decided to extract because a) we were down two members and b) the enemies were taking way too long to take down. I didn't want to Abort because I was the host and didn't want any migration issues to punish the other players. I was not dead long, certainly not long enough to trigger the AFK bot. But I still got no points and no trophy. DE's automated message suggested I run the mission again. No thanks, this was more grueling than the 1-hour Survival missions from Nightwave. And I have to find three others that want to and are able to last 2 hours in Disruption.


Try not to be dead when your team extracts or you may not be given your points.

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