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Hydrolyst capture - no reward


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I was playing with 2 of my dojo mates + 1 pick up and we did the 3 Eidolons. 

The mission was going fine except for the usual bugs that sometimes happen (ability in use displaying preventing you from using any of your ability or transferance, teleport back to entrance on respawn). We did the Terralyst and Gantulyst with no worries and got the rewards normally. 

We had 5 charged lures for the last fight, and when we downed his life to zero, there was at least 4 lures below it but it was not captured, Bounty failed appeared and nothing dropped from him (no shard, no mod, no ammo...).

The night was still going for another 5 minutes at least and none of us understood why or how this happened.


If you have any idea on how to fix or why any of the mentionned bugs happen, I'll gladly take it!

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