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Skyboxing tilesets and parkour limiting


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In my time playing this game so far--going on about 2 years--I've noticed one thing that's rather irritating. Namely that this game is far too dismissive of its parkour abilities despite it being one of the more impressive and unique factors of it in general. More specifically, I'm referring to the amount of times you go too far up on a tile and your screen fades to black, taking you back to the ground again instantaneously. For the sake of simplicity, I'll refer to that as "skyboxing"
There is one Warframe in particular, Zephyr (although likely also Wisp and potentially even Titania or Hildryn), that suffers from skyboxing. Zephyr is encouraged to be in the air at all times, but most of the time when she uses her ability to take off into the air, she's stopped and sent back to the ground, defeating the very purpose of using her ability.

Now this isn't to say the concept should be stripped from the game entirely of course, because in some areas it is a necessity, such as the Corpus Gas City tileset where if you fall off the platform, you're going to fall forever unless you are skyboxed. However, the infested corpus ship tilesets we see on Eris practically coddle the player with some of their skybox points by putting you back up on a catwalk that's easily within bullet jump, if not double-jump distance. So, my question is: What was the point of giving us this level of free movement if it's so commonly restricted to the point where one might feel encouraged to avoid taking full advantage of it?

I understand that when designing a map you don't want the players to break or fall through it, which is fair. But I know that more than one of the current tilesets possess an alternate solution to this problem in the form of invisible walls. If you cap our height with an invisible wall, we don't have to worry about how high we're going because there won't be a consequence for just... going up. It's not unlike what you did with the Plains of Eidolon, in theory: There are still points which may result in a skybox, but that point certainly isn't going up, or going down to a point you could easily return from.

So in short, what I am suggesting here is that the various height limits of every applicable tile be represented by an invisible barrier or wall, instead of a skybox point, as the skybox points are frustrating to say the least, particularly when your chosen frame relies on being airborne, and the slightest mistake can send you back to the ground without warning.
What I am not suggesting is that it become impossible to fall off of ledges where there would be no ground to fall to, like those in the Corpus Gas City tileset, mainly because that would be boring and it represents a perfect example of where skyboxing should be seen as acceptable.

I know it's not a particularly strong argument, but please consider it, because as it is, this can be kind of fun-killing.

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