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please unNerf maxed sized dojo Decorations.


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the robot teeth were an essential component in my dojo's design. and for what ever reason you nerfed some of the decorations sizes. why? just let every thing resize. to any size. that way we can create anything. thats all she wrote. stay healthy tenno. XD

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A higher room count than 100 would be lovely. I know that this thread will more than likely vanish into the ether, but I'm gonna put it out there.

The room max is too small. Especially when it comes to the giant clans like mountains or moons.

I can see it working for a Ghost, but for Shadow and up? Good luck.

Maybe add an additional 100 rooms per clan tier?

A time splitters esq planner could be useful as well.... instead of having us rely on outside sources to get an idea for the layout that we want to pursue in our dojo

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