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Simple opinions about new relic UI's


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I like the changes to the relic-selection screen. It showcases many more relics, allows for upgrading of relics, and shows rarity of each item inside the relic per upgrade tier. This is really nice QoL change, one I had been hoping for since relics were introduced. 

Not a fan of relic-reward/opening screen. It feels low quality and cheap. I think it's two-fold: the bars above the relics, and the small size of the screen.

This preference is also mirrored in the relic-selection screen - the prime parts look fine, but the bars above them look cheap/bland. But I still overall like the new relic-selection screen.

Keep up the good work! cat ok GIF by TikTok


P.S. and somewhat related: can we have "how many owned" overlaid on the prime-part during reward selection by default? Mousing over cuts time away from making a decision, and while not a problem for ME (I have everything and am a long time veteran), there are some people who either have a bad connection and get to the reward screen late OR are very new and need a lot of time to parse the data presented to them: if they have to take time to mouse over each one to see if they already have it, that's time they do not have.

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