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Make cycle abilities not cycle by press, but cycle by mouse wheel


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Small change that I think would really benefit frames that have cyclable abilities like vauban, Ivara, Khora, and now Wisp. Instead of having to press the ability button to cycle through it, it would be much better to tie cycle abilities to the scroll wheel. 

Currently all the scroll wheel does is cycle between your 4 MAIN abilities, which in retrospect on a keyboard does not have much use since you can also just click the corresponding ability button (default 1 2 3 4). It also would make cycle abilities much smoother, since you don't have to take your hand off a movement key to try and hold to cast (which is clunky) and if you accidently over cycle the ability you want, with a mouse wheel you can cycle backwards.

Last thing to note, it is better to make this a toggleable option, since maybe there are some players that actually DO use the current way with mouse wheel (although frankly I don't know any at all).

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