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New gas city looks great, but sometimes feels empty.


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Gas city overhaul visually looks great, bigger rooms and corridors allow for more movement freeedom, which is nice, new surfaces, mobile elemnts, destroyables, etc. , give the place a nice industrail feel. However after a few days, after the novelty started to wear off I've noticed that during exploring the tileset often feels empty.

What I specifically mean is that bigger environment seems to still be populated by old mob density, more adequate for previous tight quarters environment rather than new, more expansive one. For non-infinite missions that means player may be traversing long corridors, or 2-3 rooms with little to no opposition; wich may translate to having nothing to do if one is not harvesting containers or opening patterned doors. And for a game like Warframe that is a big problem. 

Final effect is that combat in gas city is (mostly) happening in few areas with clusters of mobs separated by medium-to-long treks by mostly empty halls. This is especially visible in exterminate mission on Carpo. And even if the hostiles are more spread around that just thins their numbers to disappointing levels (1-2 moa per corridor, before a room or two with 6-8 crewman). 

With environment bigger in all directions players now have chance to actually use the superior mobility of warframes... but barely any targets to use it against. 

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52 minutes ago, Nneevor said:

And for a game like Warframe that is a big problem.

Explain. Why is this a big problem? I don't have any issues with it. Neither do the people I play with regularly. Keep in mind, the number of people in the squad does influence enemy spawns.


I have not noticed this at all. I have not found any real difference between Gas City and other locations. I do think you using an exterminate as an example is a terrible choice. Given that any exterminate mission can have horrible spawns, it seems like you just want to make it sound worse than it is. I have done Pluto exterminates where there are 20 of the 100 or so enemies between the start of the mission and extraction. Pick another mission type, one that doesn't have issues everywhere.

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It is a problem because Warframe is advertised as fast paced run-shoot-meelee-run typ of game; without targets there isn't much to do beside running. 

I've had the same impression in all non-infinite missions in new gas city tileset, to a lesser degree, next worse after exterminate is capture, then sabotage and spy. 

This does not happen in grineer tilesets, compact nature of the enviroment forces near constant interaction between player and hostiles and gives subjective impression of something happening constantly, or enemies being more numerous than they actually are. 

Yes, I'm very well aware that number of players in team changes size of mob population. I'm also aware that significant portion of warframe playerbase prefers to go solo most of the time, for that group it's still a valid concern. 

The only other tileset that ocassionally has the same empty feel is Void, which unsuprisingly is the other one with its share of big, spacy rooms, but even then it's far rarer than in gas city, as mobs seem to be more evenly distributed there. 

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Well i can confirm after doing Several missions Solo and Public with randoms.The new gas planet or general playing Survival dark sector its damn desert.People even extracted,was alone on map moving around,desperate searching something to kill.Enemies spawned in 2-3 near me to max 5 or 6 of them around.Was so bored i stooped moving just spinning with mele in place.To the point i left at 30 minutes.Same enemies numbers even with 4 people.The enemies amount would work on 200-250 where we kill slow stuff with this amount setting but on low level.......

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