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How do I know if my riven is good?



Hello, i've got some rivens and i heard if you have a riven with good stats you can get lots of plat by trading them, but the problem is how do i know if my riven is good or not? and how do they calculate the prices for them?


I have the following rivens at the moment the stats are for max rank

Miter +73.3% Max ammo, +221% Damage, +3.8 punch through. -73% fire rate

stug +170.9% electricity +5.1 punch through -70.4% status chance


now the second one, i'm sure that it sucks, because of that -70.4 status chance.


if anyone could help me with how to calculate the price for the rivens that i unvail i'd be grateful.

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In a nutshell you want +'s in areas like damage, crit chance and damage, and status chance for most weapon types. Those are safe bets.

For prices, you can compare what others are selling similar rivens on trade chat, or look up riven prices on the web. There are several sites that track prices.

Personally, I wouldn't get too invested in rivens but that's a can of worms I don't want to open here.

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With the stug, status doesn't matter, it always inflicts status. But stug is... Well, stug. That weapon is a very slow killer, best used with a stealth frame, solo, with a silencer. Status is all it is good for. With little to no chance of killing sortie level enemies. Except maybe corpus if built for toxin damage.

Miter, has some potential, but multishot is better, especially against nullifiers' bubbles with the Steel Meridian augment. Try getting status and either fire rate or punch through. Bonus if both.


And to answer your question, a riven's value depends on what is increased or decreased on what weapon. For instance, crit chance on a Stug is useless because of how little crit chance it has. But crit chance on a Lenz is good because it has 30% right off the bat.

The idea is to look for a weapon with good numbers, and try making those numbers bigger.

My one exception to the rule is Daggers, with covert lethality, a mod that makes all stealth finishers one hit kills, available, you want to speed and anything that can help increase speed further, like crit chance with Berzerker... That's why I have a Heat Dagger Riven!

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6 minutes ago, AlirezaDeadshot said:

how do i know if my riven is good or not?

Basically, the Riven is good if it makes a huge difference in how the weapon performs,
some Rivens can e.g. more than double the DPS, guarantee Crits or enable a 100% Status build on a (pellet-based) Shotgun.

And not to be mean or anything, but ... learn how to mod 😛

Knowing what Mods / stats are good on what weapons, that's always the answer
to all those "is this Riven good" questions I keep seeing over and over in Region Chat / the Forums.

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I'm no expert on rivens, but from what i know the best way to know is if it has good stats and a harmless negative.

so your miter is not a good roll i can tell you. that negative fire rate is really bad.

best way is look at the weapons base stats then roll for stats that benifet the weapon.



status or crit (depends on the weapon)

damage type (ex: +slash for the miter)

elemental (electric or toxin are good types) 



damage type the weapon doesnt have or has but lowers it (ex: - impact )


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