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Wisp Sol Gate Sprint Bug


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When having the "Toggle Sprint" option enabled, activating Wisp's Sol Gate ability cancels the sprint resulting in the character moving and normal speed after the ability is cancelled, which can be annoying when using Sol Gate on the move. Toggling sprint again during Sol Gate will keep sprint active after Sol Gate is cancelled or expires which is expected.

Please make it so that Sol Gate does not cancel sprint on activation if the "Toggle Sprint" setting is enabled.


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Test case:


Set "Toggle sprint" option on;

Equip Wisp warframe lvl 10 or above;

Enter any mission;

Activate sprint (movement speed increase and movement animations change observed);

Activate warframe ability 4 (Sol Gate);

Deactivate Sol Gate or let it deactivate by energy depletion;

Observe "sprint toggle" state.

Test end.


Observed behavior: "Sprint toggle" state is "on" before Sol Gate activation and "off" after Sol Gate deactivation.

Expected behavior: "Sprint toggle" state maintained regardless of ability activations.

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