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Komorex bugged fire


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So sometimes during missions, well every time ive run with it, the Komorex just stops firing. Even changing to secondary, when it lets me, it will maybe shoot once when i change back. Zoom level does not matter, though the bug starts faster if i'm in full zoom. Also, when i try to switch weapons in attempts to fix the bug it refuses to switch and i'm unable to attack until it actually switches.



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i've just encountered this bug as well, makes it quite annoying to use when it has a chance to make it so you cannot attack what so ever with any of your weapons, a temporary fix i've found is swapping to operator or an exhalted weapon, I might not use this gun until this bug is fixed given how it makes just leveling it sketchy.

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From what I can see so far, the bug occurs when I do several aimglide melee attack when zooming the gun. when I do a 1x aimglide melee attack, the shot from the 3.5x zoom which is the aoe one will work on no zoom, 2.0x, and 3.5x zoom until an unknown duration of time has passed, the aoe range is increased and the firerate is reduced. The more you do the aimglide melee, the higher aoe range and the lesser firerate you'll get, then you'll be stuck in a point where you can't shoot, reload, or switch weapon until that unknown "cooldown" is out.

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