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We were discussing this in Council Chat at some point, and then awhile back, someone mentioned this.

I ended up reviving the topic and holy shoop man im laughin so hard.


You ever noticed how a lot of the mods are sexually-related euphemisms/innuendos?


-Fast Hands

-Accelerated Blast

- Hornet Strike

- Finishing Touch

- Hell's Chamber

- Continuity

- Tactical Pump (roflmaowtf)

- Marathon

- Quick Rest

- Stretch

- Desecrate (eewandwtf)

- Soul Punch

- Pull

- Steel Charge

- Vigor

- Rush (lolololol)

- Heavy Impact

- Focus

- Flow

- Piercing Hit

- Shred

- Speed Trigger

- Spare parts (omfgwtf)

- Ammo stock

- Shotgun Spazz

- Ravage

- No return

- Organ Shatter

- Staggering Force

- True Steel (loooooooolwow)

- Fatal attraction (not so much)

- Coolant leak (aaaaaaaahahahhahahah)

- Fired Up

- Thumper


My stomache still aches from this

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Tactical Pump makes sense.


Many shotguns have a pump action -- there's a grip underneath the barrel. When you shoot, you "pump" or slide the grip back towards the trigger to eject the spent shell and then push the grip back towards the end of the muzzle to pull a new shell out of the magazine and into the firing chamber in a "pumping" motion.


The Tactical part of it, is most likely referring to picking the right time to reload, or doing it in a certain way that you make the pumping movement faster (some movies a person will use the gun's weight to pump the action while holding just the grip for example).


EDIT: Also, some Skype conversations I've had with a couple of my friends were hilarious. We'd be in pre-mission modding mode and suddenly....


"I have so many fast hands...."


The one guy says randomly and we all just bust out laughing.

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- Hornet Strike - Hornet? What's sexual about that?

- Marathon - Has nothing to do with it

- Quick Rest - More commonly known as a nap, if taken after sex it's not a euphamism or innuendo

- Soul Punch - Do you soul punch people during sex?

- Pull - You'll put more work into pushing.

- Steel Charge - Steel.

- Vigor - Merely applies to physical health and stamina.

- Rush - I've never heard anyone want to rush during sex.

- Focus - I'm hardly focusing.

- Spare parts - What?

- Fired Up - Refers a lot more to just general use.


Anyway, SOME MORE:


Lightning Rod

Shock Absorbers (maybe)

Barrel Diffusion

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