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Need Help With Founder's Program



OK guys , m new to this game and its only been 2 weeks since i started playing this game ..... and now i am lovin this game ...

I need to buy platinums and for that i went to the website and saw founder's program .... i dont know what is that and i need your help to know what is it .

i need to buy platinums and for that i need to know that if i buy the hunter package for example ... so i will have platinums for a limited time and i need to spend it in that time or i will have it as long as i want? 

Like , if i get 1220 platinums ...so will it remain there and is there no time limit or is there a time limit like after 1 month platinums will no longer be there and i have to buy again or something like that .... and the same goes for in-game badge ... will it be there till my account exists or it will be for a limited time?


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You can pretty much buy the founders program with a credit card or visa gift card, etc.

You'll get all the things listed for whichever option you've chosen (I choose Hunter...might upgrade soon)

None of the things in the package expire and the platinum only disappears as you spent it in-game

You can also upgrade your package later by paying the difference

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