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Pet Moa AI breaking on new Gas City tiles


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There is a section of the new Gas City Tile that seems to break the pet moa for the rest of the mission if the moa ever steps into it. It's AI effectively just shuts off. Only dying and respawning in a new tile seems to fix it, the moa AI seems to stay broken even if it is allowed to die and revived and breaks again if it reenters this general area. Video included so you can see the bug in action.


Sadly for some reason Youtube is trimming 15 seconds of this clip whenever I upload it.

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It's not just the new tileset, I get the same issue a lot on older Grineer / Corpus tiles. If they don't stop completely then they will circle in front of an open doorway and stay at the same place for the rest of the mission. Their path finding definitely needs a rework.

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