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The Partnership Fragments contain a new Sentient-type.


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These are very very small, but very intriguing. They don't seem to be 'active' or 'alive' right now, but I assume they are well conscious.

I'll put them in here for you to look at.

These particular ones are extremely bug-like(though Alkonost's already contain that bug-like feature given the Ovipositor-like thing hanging below it's legs), which really puts them an interesting light.

I tried to put them in order but, wasn't sure how to do that! So, enjoy the potato quality pictures.


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23 minutes ago, Ephemiel said:

Has a slight Praying Mantis design to it. 

Kinda fits Natah's pose in the literal sense where she seems to be praying.

Yeah, it is pretty cool. I do kind of find it interesting how Sentient's are starting to become a parasitic bug-like technological mess.

True, it does. Though I find this one to be more like a mix of Praying Mantis and Ant, looks like a commoner, maybe? Not sure.

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