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A new sentinel for energy based/rechargable mag weapons


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I've decided to shake up the Meta and propose a new option for the energy weapon lovers.

Seeing as we're getting some new weapons which essentially have infinite ammo I'd say a new sentinel to accompany them is in order.

Now, let's look at the most popular (imo) sentinels:

Carrier/Carrier Prime


Now, why do people run carrier?

Well, personally I run/ran him for the:


Ammo case is very useful! It provides you with that sweet-sweet ammo and is pretty much necessary if you're running something like Soma, or any other fast-firing, ammo hungry weapon.

However to convert a useless ammo type into a useful ammo type you must get an ammo drop in the first place. If there are no enemies to kill (Like when you're fighting Wolf or an Orb Mother) ammo won't drop. This is what led to me getting a Pax Charge on my catchmoon.

Now, if you got yourself a gun with infinite ammo and don't need the [Ammo Case] anymore. The next obvious choice is:


Helios/Helios Prime


Why do people run helios? One word - scans. If you don't require ammo then you might as well fill out your codex, right? Yes!

In my opinion that's the only real reason people run Helios - to scan things fast and easy.


These are pretty much what I'd call the Meta™ sentinels.


And now for my proposition:

I propose a sentinel that revolves around the Pax Charge kit-guns, Fulmin and other weapons of that type.

The idea is simple: We have a sentinel-specific mod that gives a buff to rechargable weapons. Your sentinel consumes charge to buff your damage, magazine recharge speed and maybe even increases your "clip" size. The way you acquire charge is by getting batteries from killing enemies. Eximus enemies drop more batteries and thus give more charge. The sentinel should also be able to "attack" enemies and generate charge, same way Taxon creates overshield by damaging a bad guy (This would be useful when fighting some bosses since there aren't many enemies around). The buff should be constant A.K.A there's a little battery icon on your "Buff Bar", displaying the duration of the sentinel's effect. You pick up a battery - the duration increases. Your sentinel does his special attack thing - the duration increases.


The design:

I suck at drawing and doing concept art, so instead I'll present this as text.

The sentinel itself should look like a battery and be circular, although rough edges and straight line could also work for the design.

Some power-bar looking things running down the sides. They don't have to be dynamic and correspond to the stored charge or anything, though that would be pretty cool.

Some "wings" made out of solar panels, further adding to the whole "Battery" theme.

The sentinel weapon could be some amprex-esque lightning gun or something along the lines.

And that's about it.

Closing words:

This post felt much longer when I was writing it but I digress. I really like my fancy new Pax Charge and I'm sure there's a lotta people that like this kind of stuff too. I'd say that we deserve a sentinel that rewards this choice of armament and hopefully makes this sort of playstyle more fun. I mean cmon, DE, everyone only runs Helios and Carrier anyways so adding a third member to this iconic Meta™-duo woudn't hurt. I know this concept may seem oddly specific and like it'd only affect a minority of players but just think about min-maxing your Fulmin or kit-gun with this bad boy.

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This is why I typically run Carrier


I also use Pax Charge on catchmoon. Not because of ammo issues. Team ammo restores need some reason to bother crafting them. I use it because it instantly reloads my Catchmoon, Haymaker, Zip clip combo after every shot, meaning no need to ever manually reload. Put on a Stunning Speed as well, and you're set for life. I have a riven, but it doesn't have reload speed, but Catchmoon becomes stronger than just about any other weapon in my arsenal.

I'm not saying you have a bad idea here though. To the contrary. I would like to also see another Sentinel in the game. What I really want to see is a butterfly themed Sentinel for Titania, maybe release a regular and prime version when Titania Prime is released. That shape also would work well with your idea of a batter and solar panels. The battery would be the body of the Butterfly, and the wings look like metal panels. Now, my feedback.

Ammo Case permanently increases your carrying capacity. Ammo Compression (a possible mod name?) should permanently increase your clip size while using Flutter (possible Sentinel name?). I think that's already a significant enough mod without reload speed and damage increase on top of it to give this Sentinel the niche you're looking for among limitless weapons, but also still be useful with other weapon types, yet lacks the appeal of ammo mutation. Say a base increase of 3%, increasing by 3% per level of the mod to a max of 18%.

A possible Simaris mod could be Auto Feed where ammo drops for the weapons you're using are picked up by the sentinel and additional ammo is stored and automatically fed into your clip, so you don't have to wait for recharge or reload until you consume the ammo your Sentinel has stored. Maybe a Sentinel storage max of 30 each for Primary and Secondary weapons (5 base and +5 per level for 5 levels of the mod). And the same as Ammo Compression, this mod could also still be useful with regular weapons too, but lacks the appeal of Ammo Case's ammo mutation.

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