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Wisp Augment/Suggestion - Bountiful Reservoir


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Wisp is an extremely well rounded frame that provides a lot of support, utility, crowd control, and decent damage; and a lot of this comes from her reservoirs in her first ability that allow you to grab motes from them that are essentially buffs.

Wisp's original reservoirs

Wisp has 3 different types of reservoirs that apply different mote buffs. Each one costs 25 energy to cast totaling up to 75 energy for all 3 buffs. Along with this the pickup radius of the mote buffs has a base of 5m and she can place up to 6 reservoirs. This means she can have 2 sets of buffs placed at a single time.

Bountiful reservoir augment

The augment idea compresses all 3 types into a single one. Rather than a amalgam textured plant bud offering a single buff the reservoir would be a blossoming plant with all 3 different motes growing from it. The actual mote buffs would not be changed from their original values but the reservoir would. The new "Bountiful Reservoir" would give you all 3 mote buffs when you enter the pickup range. The energy cost of the ability would rise from 25 to 50 and you no longer have to choose from each mote as they are now all a single ability. The pickup range should probably also be raised a bit (for utility purposes) from 5m to 7.5m or more. The cap on how many reservoirs may be placed would be lowered from 6 to 4 meaning that while you can't have as many reservoirs placed, you can have up to 4 sets of mote buffs placed in total rather than having only 2 sets of buffs.

This is a utility augment that makes Wisp's reservoir ability easier to use and apply to teammates that can be extremely helpful but does not come off as a required mod needed for the frame to be good. The idea of the single blossom appearance changing to a blossoming plant would also indirectly allow people to customize her ability appearance more too, and we all know fashion frame is the true end game.

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This would basically negate the whole purpose of her reservoirs, so I have  to fully disagree with you here. Thats basically like giving ivara all of her arrows at once, thus removing any form of tactic.A much better augment in my opinion would be one that changes her gameplay style, like for example if it were to debuff enemies. Her health mote could apply a viral proc on enemies, her speed mote could slow down enemies and her electric mote could reduce enemy damage. This would change the way you play her and actually introduce a new form of tactic.

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You can do differently. Switching mechanics will remain and the reservoir will give all 3 buffs. However, the reservoir of health will give buffs that will be 3 times stronger, but you can not take them with you. The control reservoir will give buffs that will last 2 times less, but will be copied to allies nearby. The reservoir of speed will give a longer buffs, however it will be 2 times weaker. The reservoirs can be combined, so you can get a powerful long buff for all allies nearby.

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13 hours ago, BlachWolf said:

A much better augment in my opinion would be one that changes her gameplay style

So, rather than her current gameplay style which favours the static game modes (which there are a few of, no question, especially the new game mode), the OP's suggestion that changes up her cast so that she can favour the other types of game where there's lots of movement and no back-tracking... somehow doesn't count as a change to her gameplay style?

The Augment would be for run-and-gun style play, where setting up all three Wells is a significant delay and many players I've seen opt to only drop a Speed buff initially until they reach a point where they have enough time to drop more.

Plus it still retains the synergies that it currently has, you can still cast it somewhere in order to teleport to it (you could limit the number of wells to 3 instead of 6, but that would still work for placing them at different locations) and most players on even the stationary missions tend to cast all three in one place for their team to get the buffs in a more convenient fashion.

Being able to buff your team with 1 cast, instead of 3, that's a genuine improvement in a situational way, much like Augments are supposed to be. In another situation, you would take the augment off so you only have individual buffs (like for Spy missions where you don't want the Shock mote).


13 hours ago, BlachWolf said:

Thats basically like giving ivara all of her arrows at once

This is... ridiculous. Are you actually alright? It's the kind of comparison that makes me wonder if you've not had enough sleep.

Ivara's arrows all have completely different functions. A cloak, a physical object creator, an enemy draw and an enemy sleep. You physically couldn't give Ivara all her arrows as the basic functions conflict.

The strategy with Ivara is whether you want to use your cloak on allies, or a location, use it to disable your Prowl and get some kills while recovering energy, or whether you want to use her Dashwire to create a new path or a place to hide out of sight while you stealth through, or whether you want to distract enemies from a specific place because killing them is not exactly your top priority, or whether you want to put enemies to sleep in order to exploit stealth finishers or damage. There's four completely different strategies to consider, and thus actual strategy to use.

Meanwhile, Wisp just has buff A, buff B and buff C.

The 'strategy' with those is just 'do you want this particular buff or not right now?' and for most players the default state is 'I want them all, unless I'm being stealthy, then I only want two of them'. Often Wisp players don't give their allies a choice, casting all three in the same location so that you will get all three whether you wanted all of them or not.

(If anything, you could probably have said 'Vauban's Minelayer' instead, because that one is just mine 1, mine 2, mine 3 and mine 4, all of them contact-triggered traps that you deploy... but even then actually combining all of the effects, with a stun, a bounce, armour strip, bleed and radiation all proc'd on an enemy at once, that would be a pretty damn powerful CC and status-delivery system. So that wouldn't really support your argument either.)

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