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Suggestions for Wukong Rework - What if


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This is not a long post nor in depth suggestions, just want to add a discussion about the upcoming rework. These suggestions are based on what they have released to us so far from the latest dev stream.


For his 1 - the clone

Please do not try to add again a mediocre clone that's good in star charts but instantly dies in later "end game" runs. We can learn from experience that health based objects (like decoys, gara's 4, clones) just instantly get deleted with higher level enemies. Just want to point out that sorties and star chart level enemies doesn't really matter because you can use almost all weapons in the game with proper mods, so why add a clone that is only good for up to sortie level enemies when its too easy. Let's be honest here, the star charts, sorties, fortuna(profit taker), the new gas city, poe(eidolon) are very easy content. Thats why some wants to run endless survival or defense because thats the only challenging parts of warframe left. 

I can suggest that if you are removing the channel ability for defy, at least make his 1(clone) invulnerable and duration-based or even better make it a channeled ability while his clone is invulnerable. This is good but it synergizes well with the planned changes on defy.

For his 2 - Taunt and Retaliate

Now this synergizes well with the clone. When you activate this ability while clone is active, the clone roars like a real monkey king and taunts enemies in a radius that is affected by ability range and duration, enemies inside the taunt radius is only allowed to attack the clone for the duration. And maybe make wukong deal more damage to taunted enemies.

For his 3 - Cloud walker increased speed and damage buff 

His 3 doesn't need to be a good ability. make this ability a trash ability. All good warframes has a bad ability in his kit. Make this one his bad ability. But the increase speed is really good tho.

For his 4 - Buffed Primal fury

This ability better be good since it is his ultimate 4th ability. Since exalted weapons cannot use acolyte mods and doesn't generate riven mods, the base stats better be good. My suggestion is, primal fury's base damage is already good enough, take a look at other stats rather than focusing on the base damage. Primal Fury doesn't need a buff to its base damage, there are other areas that you should be more concerned with. Like changing the base damage distribution to 60%slash-20%punch-20%impact, buff status chance, crit chance and crit multiplier, and overhaul the stances. I know this will make it close to overpowered but comm'on, this exalted weapon cannot equip acolyte mods like blood rush,etc. and riven mods, how overpowered can it possibly be.

These are my suggestions for the said wukong rework. Please don't disappoint us DE. We love warframe :).


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