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WTS Kavat imprints


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Hi, want to sell some nice looking kavats ^^


If you like and want to adopt any of these messages me in game or here / w Taemiru


Quasar: Smeeta with yellow energy 100 plat

1022DE09C2EBCF38A0BC4824864F2E2DA01BB537 (1920Ã1080)





BE62D92957252F0FF5D76F4F30323BF98CFD9404 (1920Ã1080)



Orion: Smeeta with white energy 100 plat


8960C777BB411C18F401C429FE97D58121823C3A (19201080)






E59E7BA417A9976171C932E33DF1BB483D12365F (1920Ã1080)




Jesse: Adarza with pink energy 90 plat


5F75E92AF0166A0EA089354C23DB8CD3DE66B7AB (1920Ã1080)

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