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Ataraxia the dollop Warframe


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So I made a warframe that I think could be a good frame. Ill provide the abilities give me feed back so make this frame better THX!.good morning help GIF by Satisfied Customer


Health: 175

Shields: 165

Armor: 70

Energy: 175

Ability 1: serene

Ataraxia will either cast the ability on a enemy or ally. Casting this on an ally will give them 5% damage resistance and shield regeneration. Casting this on enemies will reduce or decimate (depending on what Lvl the frame is) the armor they have and slowly putting them in a slumber. Ability duration 5 seconds Energy cost: 25

Ability 2: Blindsided

Ataraxia will curse an enemy with lower field of view and slower reaction time. the enemy cursed with the ability will emit a aura which if any enemy gets to close they will be cursed to, ect. ability duration: 7 seconds energy cost: 50

Ability 3: reciprocity

Ataraxia will cast this on allies and enemies. for allies they will have a 5% increase in strength and durability for their abilities. For the enemy they will deal less damage and move slower. Ability duration: 8 seconds energy cost: 80.

Ability 4: Abate

Ataraxia will cast a wave of auras giving all allies 10% damage resistance and converting 5% of damage taken into either: Health, Shield, extra damage, or energy. the duration is 12 seconds and the energy cost is 120.

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