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Make Story mode Endless missions happen.


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I want. Story mode endless mission option to shake things up.  

Imagine first you hop into a defense and defend an operative while they hack a system.  After the five waves you can choose to do another five or move onto the second stage.  You decide to do the second stage, the ship goes on lockdown and you’re forced to get life support while the operative looks for artifacts.  Before you can leave you have to distract enemy forces so the operative can slip away. Collect keys and activate conduits. Successfully defend them.  On your way out you discover some defectors looking to make their way out. Escort them to safety before you yourself can leave. 

TL:DR I think it’d be fun to mix the different endless mission types and let players choose if they want to continue playing the one type or move into the next.  Players could also opt to leave if they so desired. You could add a story element to keep it interesting as you move along.  

Inthink it’d make it slightly more engaging, give players a greater sense of attachment to what they’re doing, and be a lot of fun. 

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