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Riven bug

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Today i try to open a riven   i cant remeber its a rifle or pistol      after finish mission I accidentally hit the confirm button before the final result came out then   it disappear      I had tried to log in again but it doesnt work      hope i can get a solution from you guys   thanks😂

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7 hours ago, (PS4)Oliver_mj9264 said:

it disappear

Just to check, where did you look for said Riven?

Rivens can only be equipped on weapons that share the Riven's name
(e.g. a Soma Critatis can only be equipped on Soma and Soma Prime)
and won't show up in the Upgrade screen for other weapons.

If you failed to find it in the Mod station (Riven tab / sorted by Recent),
make sure you don't have any Filters active, it should look like this:


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