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A Desecrate Tweak That Would Make It Move Useful.


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In its current state, Desecrate is very situational, due to corpses not sticking along very long.


In my opinion, this issue could be fixed fairly easily.


Instead of making it an instant use power, which in turn makes it dependant on the presence of corpses (which is the source of a lot of complaints), I think that making it an aura buff (like Rhino's Roar or Volt's Speed) would improve it by still spawning additional loot without the drawbacks associated with corpse dependency.


As an aura buff, this means that all enemies killed by players (that were close enough to the caster at time of cast) during the duration of the buff will automatically spawn extra loot.


Optional changes:

Name change: Consuming Hunger

Enemies killed by players under buff's effect will play a custom despawn animation (just like acid weapons).




I'm not saying that Desecrate is my favorite power, but I think this would make it much more usable.

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Stop spamming the forums with desecrate topics, there's already an existing thread.


Pretty hard to see of course, being it's the FIRST one in the list ...




Search before you post, this is only creating a cluster f*ck ....



Timing is of the essence. That thread was created before Nekros was released. This thread was made as a direct response to Scott's comments in Livestream 14 (I'm posting it this much later since the stream was during classes so I just finished listening to it).

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