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Operator Cosmetic Suggestions


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 The operators look great but there's a significant amount of small issues plaguing a good amount of these cosmetics. many people have already made posts about most of these but this is just my personal take.

 Right now head accessories are split into three categories, ear, eye, and facial. the facial category is a bit frustrating, because it covers both accessories around your mouth area, and accesories around your forehead area. none of the accessories that go into one of these categories overlaps with the other one, they should be separated so that you can equip a head an mouth accessory at the same time. its important for me to cover this first cus I'll be referring to head and mouth accessories separately in my next point.

 Open hoods hide too much. there are many hoods that when open, leave your face and ears completely unobstructed, but still hide all facial accessories, and your hair. it would be nice if many of these were changed to allow for more elaborate customization, here's my suggestions of which hoods should/shouldn't hide what (and some minor design tweaks). everything I mention here is covering these hood in their opened state unless mentioned otherwise:

Ceno Helmet: Everyone loves an umbrella hat, but not this one so much because it hides everything but eye accesories, but this is one of the most revealing hoods (when opened) I want to cover. Those silly massive ear covers this helmet has can be done away with, and it shouldn't hide anything (Including hair!), except maybe head accessories simply due to there being a few rather protruding ones. I'm not sure if any head accessory protrudes far enough to clip through the top tho so unless that's the case let them be equipped.

Haztech Mask: Mostly alright as it is. But it could show mouth accessories, and possibly earrings. The ear covers this hood has in the opened state don't add very much, might be some work but could maybe have it so the ear portions of this hood get hidden if ear accessories are worn with it, and are visible when they're not. If the clipping with the atmos earrings isn't visually terrible it probably wouldn't be too bad to just leave them as is but still allow earrings as most would be hidden by them anyways and those that wouldn't I don't think would look bad clipping through them. Sometimes clipping models don't look bad, and sometimes even look quite nice. This is an instance where I think that might work. Can't confirm as I can't really see it for myself tho. additionally I would love to see the gas mask this hood has when its closed, hanging from the opperator's neck when its opened.

Kubrodon Ventkid Mask: Unhide basically everything. There shouldn't be a hood covering most of my head when this is open. having the wires out the back and the lifted goggles would look great with hair and everything else.

Saturn Six Mask: This one can only be seen when its closed, so I kinda see why earrings are hidden. DE likely has all hoods set to hide all accessories when closed. But your ears are not covered by this mask, and so when this one is closed I think earrings should be visible.

Smelter Mask: Allow mouth accessories to be visible. That's all I really have to say for this one

Umbra Hooded Scarf: Allow earrings. Maybe could change the model to dip below the ears so this works better, but just allow them regardless. I wouldn't personally be mad if it hid mouth accessories, but I could see it being a point of contention to people who are a fan of the recent tennogen matching eye and face accessories that fit together. If it dosn't hide it now, don't change it.

Vahd Mask: Everything I said about the Ceno Helmet, but this one doesn't even cover your ears this time, or have any of the straps the Ceno does.

Vent Pobber Ventkid Mask: I've actually had the pleasure of seeing this one when it was first released and didn't hide anything and let me just say it looked incredible. With hair equipped with this hood it looked like you just had pipes and wires coming right out of your head, it was a fantastic look, and I thought it was meant to be that way up until they "fixed" it. As a big fan of the atmos earrings I would be a bit disappointed if they were hidden on this one but I can understand why this would hide earrings. Still I would like to see this one hide nothing.

Vent Rat Mask: All this one needs is to allow mouth accessories.

Zauba Mask: Ugliest hood IMO, possibly the ugliest cosmetic in the game, so I'm not sure if anyone even cares. But this one could go for not hiding mouth accessories as well.

That's it for the hoods, any I didn't mention I'm fine with as is. Now onto something I see being a big point of contention in this topic, color matching. A good chuck of operator cosmetics color quite differently from each other. A lot people have brought this one up in posts like this but i find the common suggestion of "allow each piece to be colored independently" to be a very extreme fix for this Issue. I've brought up my contention with pet Moa's doing this same thing in a previous post and I feel I don't even need to mention cosmetic armors for your warframes. But this time I think people are overreacting. there's just a few changes I would make that would make this situation much more bearable to just 4 sets.

Lets start with the Manduka leggings. If me previously mentioning my love for the Atmos earrings wasn't clue enough, I love me some furry cosmetics. But as much as I wanted these paw-leggings I just couldn't get into them because despite there being a clear split between the pants and the boots, they use the same color channel. These would look so much better if you just colored the boots with the primary channel. As well as allowing all of the metallics in the whole set to share the hood lining color instead of having some uncolorable and others not.

Next the Zariman set. Ever since the change, this set has taken colors very differently. The way it took colors before the change was better, and matched more with everything. I really don't know what possessed the graphics designers to make this change to the colors. it pretty much mismatches with everything. the hood lining colors vastly differently from all other metallic textures in operator cosmetics, the whole rest of the suit takes colors much darker and more vividly than everything else. it's just a mess.

There's quite a bit wrong with the outrider set. Metallics should take the hood lining channel as nearly every other metalic in operator cosmetics do. The helmet takes color very unnaturally, and there's quite a few minor details that bother me on this one other than that. like the boots. much like the manduka leggings I think the boots should take from the primary channel, and the sort of cod piece and pockets should take from the secondary channel. lots of wierdness with how this whole set takes color too, even just making it a little closer to most of the other sets would help a lot

And lastly, the Kubrodon set. This thing is a mess. not a single one of its colors work with anything else. It really needs a complete color overhaul. the channels are all completely wrong. Every channel needs to be rotated in the following way: The primary channel should cover what's currently colored by tertiary, tertiary should color what's covered by secondary, secondary should cover what's colored by lining, lining should color what's covered by primary. Lastly, the metallics of this set are just a bit washed out. Pump up the saturation on them just a bit to be more in line with metalics from most other sets.

While that sure is a lot of writing I don't think this is really that large of a change. it mostly just amounts to a few lighting changes, and slight changes to color maping. plus the changes to hidden vs non hidden cosmetics, Im not sure how much work that last thing would be but given how fast they switched off a lot of things from the fortuna cosmetics I'd imagine its not that difficult barring my suggestions to model alterations.

This is all just my opinion and I really don't expect DE to do any of this as much as I would love if they did. I would really like to see another operator cosmetic overhaul that addressed most of this. but I know DE loves to stand their ground hard on even their worst cosmetic decisions, the only time I'v seen them back out of a poor design decision due to fan outcry was their first attempt at overhauling operator cosmetics, and they had pretty much the entire population of people who care about that part of the game up in arms against those changes. and when they do respond to fan criticism its usually only within a short time window of the implementation of the subject. All of these things I'v covered individually are rather minor annoyances that are largely subjective, have been part of the game through many changes, and complains about them are a slow trickle. So I doubt they'll pay it any mind at all. Still I thought I'd get my opinion out there on the slim chance that it might be taken into consideration in the future

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