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Cant invite people to my session!


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Since 2 weeks i can´t invite people to my lobby. Everytime it either says failed or even full (empty lobby). When i use the warfame option internet check it says "All Systems nominal".

I checked my router and everything  even reinstalled the game.


I never had such issues since 5 years

Does anyone have an idea how to fix my problem? 

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2 minutes ago, White_Cactus said:

Does anyone have an idea how to fix my problem? 

No idea if it any of this will fix it, but:

  • Change the network ports in Warframe.
  • Check your Firewall settings.
  • Ensure you have Port Forwarding setup on your Router. (Google it)
  • Switch from Steam to Standalone, or the opposite.

Are you able to join squads though? Sometimes you are unable to invite people, but are able to join them.

  • I assume you have tried this already: Using the add to squad button rather than inviting from chat. Whenever I have issues inviting people this is what I do, it lets people join just fine.
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