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Bring back "Toggle to Channel" option!


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Before Melee 2.9, there was an option to choose either hold to channel or toggle channel mode. Now there is no such option and players are forced to use toggle channel. This is extremely uncomfortable since there is no marker showing them if they are in channel mode or not. There are some very minor graphic effects which are pretty hard to notice in more intense situatiuons. Life Strike also suffers from toggle channel. People temp to run out of energy because they forgot they are in channel mode or they are unable  deactivate it with the 2nd click. In adittion, everybody has a personal taste - some like toggling channel while others like to hold for it to work. I also prefer the hold to channel mechanic. I have had tons of problems with my builds because they were all based on Life Strike. My syrvivability has dropped critically (Especially with Umbra, overall with Excaliburs). Please bring back the option to be able to turn off "Toggle channeling".

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