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Operation: Hostile Mergers - Endurance / Points not earned after completing


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So my friend (CorkTheFox) had a guy (Toran) to carry us trough the mission, he was MR 27 so it wasn’t a big deal. Still, the total time it took was about an hour and we finally got about 4100 points. But throughout the whole mission, my mini map was blank (the extended mini map still mapped out the structure but no symbols appeared on it), and the mission objective was “unlock the door” the whole time instead of showing up the conduits and the points; I was worried it might affect the game, but my teamates said that it would be fine, and they would told me the points we were having, so I decided to continue. Then after we got enough points, my teamates guided me to extraction, after that all of them got the points, except for me. I was really upset of what happened, I hope the developers would notice and fix this.

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Just had something similar happen and came here to see if anyone else mentioned it.

Had a match where around 1000 points, two of the other players quit, but the Mesa I was playing with seemed capable, so we continued. It got pretty tedious around the 2500 point mark, but we pressed on. At 3460 points, it stopped accumulating points. I pointed this out to the other player and they said there were 3800 points. I figured this would be like other times I've seen the UI get stuck and continued. After killing a few more Demolysts, they said we were at 4002 points, so we went to extraction.

It only logged the 3460 points as my best score.

Kinda peeved about it, really. It wouldn't be so bad if everyone didn't just bounce as soon as the extraction notification shows up like they have no idea what they even clicked on or something...

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