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A Small List Of Banshee Bugs ( And How They Occur)


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Hey, I've been a keen banshee player for a while now and I've noticed a few bugs with her, I will try and list all of them and how they are replicated to help them get fixed/worked on. If anyone has found any thing that I have not listed here major or minor can you please post and I will add them to the list . :)


Banshee Ability bugs:




-Minus Damage


How often does it happen?



What does it do?

On very rare cases when using sonar and scoring a hit on the highlighted area with a high damage weapon such as the Paris Prime it will show minus damage such as -8192. I am not sure if this is making the hit deal minus damage or that it is just a visual glitch.


Ways to prevent?

Currently Unknown.




-I like the floor


(Still don't know what to call this bug)

How often does it happen?


What does it do?

This bug makes Banshee non-responsive. You are unable to move ,use powers ,talk in text chat or move.

You are still able to place markers leave the game and move the camera.


How is it caused?

This is caused usually by casting the power Sound Quake either on uneven ground or by casting Sound Quake and pressing Alt-Tab during the animation.


Ways to prevent?

Think before you Quake.

This could save you a lot of time, find a safe place to use Sound Quake. ( A safe place being Flat ground and away from objects.).

A way to break free from this bug is allow your self to be downed, if playing with team mate hopefully they will notice you are in this bug and allow you to get downed and revive you.But if your team mates are unaware then this could lead to you sitting around the entire match.




-Sonic boom?


How often does it happen?



What does it do?

Will launch a enemy into a ; Wall, box, through the floor pretty much anything sometimes making them harder to hit.

(This bug isn't that major but Might as well note it )



There isn't a lot at the moment but hopefully you can help me make a list to help iron some bugs out of this great warframe.

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