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Ore gaze augment needs a buff


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 I decided to switch up my normal loot finding nekros to give atlas a try and learned that atlas' augment is the lowest loot chance and the most arduous to keep up. Frankly it sucks.

Nekros: 360 degrees automatic as long as you have energy | 54% chance
Chesa: 360 degrees automatic every 10 seconds | 45% chance
Hydroid: area of ult automatic as long as 4th is active | 100% chance
Khora: area of ult Automatic as long as 4th is active | 65% chance

Atlas: 60 degree cone you constantly have to recast  | 25% chance

the only frame that is arguably harder to loot with is Ivara's prowl being single target but it has 100% chance.

Basically ore gaze needs to be buffed because it's both hard to use and has the lowest value for effort.

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16 minutes ago, BlachWolf said:

Since it scales with power strength I would buff it to 45%.Bu yeah it needs a buff.

45% would at least bring it up to the level of the chesa without having to have at minimum 180% power strength

Petrify is also really slow without natural talent and very short range with an unmoddable 60 degree cone that reaches 14m unmodded. A buff to speed and/or a buff to the cone angle would be nice too, and help petrify as well

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