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The four dreams


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Recently, I had one and the same dream, exactly 4 dreams
What was it about? On, the first two were on my ship,
and then suddenly the message came over, the corpus on me, before the railjack showed up, predicted? probably not, what was then that the Griners joined,
the fight was hard and the end did not look, I always woke up when gustrak three and zanuka came, but the other third and fourth dream was different,
the fourth seemed to me yesterday, I went to my clan and was under attack by corpus, but I cleared it up again, griners, I cleaned it up again and this moment,
everything was weird, acolytes and the shadow stalker joined the fight, level around 120-160,
the fighting was repeated and I couldn't go where to go, no extraction just still exterminate,
then Natah and sentients appeared, when I liquidated countless sentinels,but they kept coming back,
I realize I was just a warrior, in an endless fight where victory is not just a loss, but I didn't give up, why? why did I stop fighting?
I could stop and get killed and put an end to it, but why?
so far I ask, did you have any dream?




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