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Perfect Repro for Ropalolyst Circles Bug


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After further testing Step 4 seems to be the problematic part, if you VOID DASH towards the Ropalolyst in operator and get forced back into you Warframe in the air, then grab it and drive it into a pillar, it goes in circles after landing.

  1. Go to mission, rush to boss arena.
  2. Hide behind energy pillar, switch to operator.
  3. While the boss is firing its laser at the energy pillar, run to it in operator form and shoot at it to lower the shields.
  4. When you hear the sound that the shields have disappeared (Ropalolyst is still firing the laser at the energy pillar) VOID DASH towards the Ropalolyst with the operator. You will be forced back into your warframe next to the boss in the air, mash X to immediately grab it.
  5. Drive it into the pillar.
  6. When at the center immediately shoot the weak spot on its back, when you hear the ping, run to the button and press it while its in the stagger animation.
  7. When the next phase should start boss just keeps circling the center arena.

Tried it just now on 25.0.7, could reproduce it 5 out of 5 times.

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