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Ocucor bug


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apparently this hasnt been reported even though its even on the wiki as mentioned-

  • Currently, only half of the Multishot total is accounted for in the main beam's damage calculation. For example, with both Barrel Diffusion and Lethal Torrent equipped, the damage will only be increased by 90%, instead of 180%.
  • Tendril damage is also currently unaffected by Multishot, despite the Tendrils' mechanic of inheriting 50% of the main beam's base damage, of which that base damage is increased through Multishot.

its a shame given the weapon is fun but its a huge draw back. it would be fine if the tendrils dont get the multishot, but half the effectiveness on the main beam is one foot in the grave for the weapon since the tendrils are mostly a gimmick since the go away once you reload which you WILL do with the exception of one mod but it doesnt help given its small clip even after the buff. whats more is it chews through ammo quite quickly. it would be interesting though if it instead of adding multishot to the main beam, it added more tendrils. wouldnt be that good, but it would be fun.

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Oh its been reported several times

ever since introduction

DE just keeps ignoring it

there have even been updates since that alter other aspects of the Ocucor (lock angle, ammo reserve) yet didn't touch the MS glitch.


at this point I'd just like them to officially state something like 'reduced MS multiplier is intentional' so I can quit beating this dead horse...

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