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Zeromus (Old frame idea renewed)


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A while back, I had the idea for a warframe based on gravity. Recently, gravity was suggested as a new elemental concept, so I wanted to rehash some of my old ideas with a bit of an update from before. This frame's name is a reference to a recurring enemy and summon in Final Fantasy which I also just so happen to use for my gamer tag. I really like it because it uses gravity attacks.


This is Zeromus, the temporal, the consuming.


Control time itself, Tenno.



Concept: In physics, gravity is a fascinating subject to study. What knowledge we do have of Gravity is limited to our 3 dimensional perception. It is the weakest force in the universe. However, it has the greatest reach. All matter and energy in the universe exhibits a gravitational pull on all other matter and energy in the universe. It is immutable in this. Gravity also warps space-time, causing a phenomenon called time dilation. Since time is relative, this causes the perception of time to vary depending on how much gravity is warping space time in any particular area. And nothing portrays the immutable and temporal power of gravity more than a black hole.


Unranked               Rank 30

Armor: 65                            65

Health: 100                         200 (+200%)

Shield: 100                         300 (+200%)

Energy: 200                        250 (+25%)

Sprint: 1.1                           1.1

Ability Range: 100%           125% (+25%)


Passive: Immutable: Zeromus is immune to knockdowns and slows while inside the black hole of Singularity.


1. Gamma Ray Burst – 25 energy – An irradiating blast that reduces enemy fire rate and reload speed


Strength: 150/200/250/300

Range: 10m/12m/15m/20m

Angle: 60

Slow: 10%/15%/20%/25% reduced fire rate and reload speed

Duration: 5s/6s/8s/10s


Information: Zeromus blasts enemies with a wave of radiation that inflicts 150/200/250/300 radiation damage with a 100% status chance. The blast has a range of 10m/12m/15m/20m and an angle of 60 degrees. Enemies have their fire rate and reload speed reduced by 10%/15%/20%/25% for 5s/6s/8s/10s


The burst is not impeded by terrain, afflicting enemies behind cover.


Can be casted while airborne


Does not halt movement


Cast time of about .5 seconds


Augment: Heavy Metal Burst - Allies in the area of Gamma Ray Burst have 10%/15%/20%/25% increased fire rate, reload, and projectile speed for 30s.

Synergy – Casting Gamma Ray Burst inside of Singularity’s black hole changes the effect to a circular AOE the current size of Singularity.  When augmented, this applies the augment’s buff to Zeromus and allies inside the Singularity’s black hole as well, and the buff lasts for the duration of the augment even if allies leave the radius of the black hole.


Ability Mods - Duration affects the duration of the slow effect and the duration of the augment buff

Efficiency affects casting cost

Range affects the range of this skill but not the angle

Strength affects the damage of this skill, but has no effect on status chance, the slow, or the augment buff.


Concept: Your typical singular blast attack. A Gamma Ray Burst is a massive blast of energy that emits from a spinning black hole’s “north” and “south” poles. The augment relates to the metals that are often found in gamma ray bursts such as copper, titanium, and zinc which can reach speeds nearing the speed of light when ejected by the gamma ray burst.


2. Tidal Forces – 50 Energy – Zeromus manipulates the gravity around him to increase movement speed for himself and nearby allies.


Range: 4m/5m/6m/7m

Haste: 5%/10%/15%/20%

Duration: 15s/20s/25s/30s



Zeromus manipulates the gravity around him, buffing nearby allies within a 8m/5m/6m/7m radius with 5%/10%/15%/20% haste that increases Zeromus’ and ally movement speeds. (Parkour, slide, sprint)


The AOE is not impeded by range, affecting allies behind cover.


Can be casted while airborne


Does not halt movement to cast


Cast time of .5 seconds


Can be recasted before the duration is up


Augment: Spaghettification - Tidal Forces causes projectiles fired by Zeromus and his allies to inflict half their damage in a .5m/1m/1.5m/2m radius around the projectile while under the effect of Haste.


Synergy – Casting Tidal Forces inside of Singularity makes the augment's buff and the base skill's buff range the current size of Singularity as well as pulls pick-ups towards the center of Singularity for its duration. Allies that leave Singularity’s radius maintain the buff for the remaining duration.


Ability Mods-

Duration affects buff and augment duration

Efficiency affects casting cost

Range affects ability range but not augment projectile AOE range

Strength has no effect on this skill or the augment


Concept: Tidal Forces are what causes the rise and fall of the Earth’s oceans due to the spin of the earth relative to the orbit of the moon. For a black hole, this effect can rip apart nearby stars and cause what’s known as spaghettification, the stretching of objects caught within its pull. This is also the area of a black hole where time dilation begins to become increasingly significant.


3. Accretion Disk – Zeromus uses gravity to absorb enemy projectile damage into a disk and inflicts that damage on nearby enemies.


Range: 3m/4m/5m/6m radius

Duration: 10/12/15/20 seconds



Zeromus creates a gravitational disk around himself that captures enemy projectiles in a 3/4/5/6 meter radius that lasts for 10/12/15/20 seconds. The disk stores enemy projectile damage and inflicts it on enemies around him.

Accretion disk protects Zeromus from projectiles, but he is still vulnerable to melee attacks, beam weapons, and status effects as well as AOE damage such as bombard projectiles. Damage will still be stored from these sources, but not negated.


1 second casting time.


Cannot be recast while active


Halts all movement while casting


Augment: Gravity Sling Shot – Accretion Disk reflects back incoming damage for .5x/1x/1.5x/2x the damage for the duration.

Augment information - Instead of catching enemy projectiles, Accretion disk now reflects them back, and allows the redirection of all damage types including beam and AOE weapons like bombard rockets.


Synergy – Casting Accretion Disk while inside of Singularity adds its effect to Singularity’s AOE for the duration of the skill. The augment also causes Singularity to sling shot projectiles back at enemies outside of it. Enemies that die outside of Singularity due to Gravity Sling Shot do not increase Singularity's range.


Ability Mods-

Duration affects skill duration

Efficiency affects casting cost

Range affects disk radius

Strength only affects the augment


Concept: An Accretion Disk is the area surrounding a spinning black hole where matter orbits before falling in or being sling shot back out, often at greater speeds.


4. Singularity – 25 energy + 2 energy per second increasing to 4 energy per second at max growth – Zeromus creates a singularity which forms a black hole that grows in size for each enemy that dies in its area of effect. Enemies inside the black hole receive increasing radiation damage the closer to the singularity in the center they are.


Strength: 50/100/150/225 radiation damage per second and a 25% status chance at the edge of the disk which increases to 200/400/600/900 radiation damage per second and 100% status chance at the very center.

Range: 5m/6m/8m/10m initial radius 10m/12m/16m/20m final radius at max growth range.


Information: Zeromus channels energy to create and maintain a singularity in front of him which creates a black hole AOE around it in a 5m/6m/8m/10m radius.  Enemies are inflicted with 50/100/150/225 radiation damage at the edge of the Black Hole with a 25% status chance and damage increases the closer they are to the singularity at the center, increasing to 200/400/600/900 radiation damage with a 100% status chance at the center. Each enemy that dies inside of Singularity's black hole increases its size by 5% until the black hole is doubled in size. While at max radius, the energy consumption to maintain Singularity is doubled.


Augment: Tendex Lines – Enemies that die within Singularity’s effect have a 40% increased chance to drop additional loot.


Ability Mods-

Duration affects energy drain

Efficiency affects casting cost and energy drain

Range affects initial radius and max radius

Strength affects damage and status chance


Can not be casted while airborne


Bypasses obstacles in the environment, affecting enemies behind cover as well


Halts all movement


Cast time of 2 seconds


Recasting disables the effect


Concept: Singularity is Zeromus’ grandiose skill, and synergizes with all his other abilities, turning it into a more realistic version of a black hole. Seeing as this skill is a corner stone of the frame, giving it a lower maintenance cost made sense. While his other abilities can function as stand alone skills, they are all properties of a black hole, so they become significantly improved when combined with this skill, making its use significant. Tendex Lines are the trajectory paths of material in a black hole’s accretion disk, generally described as an inward spiral. These lines represent the slow loss of energy as particles rub and bounce against one another, which reduces their angular momentum and allows them to dive inwards. This causes an increase in the particle’s velocity, increasing frictional heating, which can even produce x-rays. This is the most efficient method of converting matter to energy known in the universe other than the use of anti-matter, with a matter to energy conversion rate of about 10-40%, above even fusion in the center of stars which is .7%.

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Oh, I'm aware they're similar to some skills in the game. That's kind of on purpose. How do you make a frame that manipulates time through gravity when the game is played in real time with other players, so you can't change the player's perceived time, but you can alter the velocity of things in the game? You're gonna have some buffs with similar effects to skills already in the game. After all, we're not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but come up with new concepts. If that includes mechanics already present, then at least we know that DE has the ability to make the concept a reality. The unique aspects I was going for though was through creating that black hole idea on the 4th ability.

I thought the #3 was more like a combined version of Zephyr's 3 and Mag's 2, but none of the strength augmenting of Mag's 2, and the inability to make multiple instances of it, on the base skill.  Then the augment would make it more like Mesa's 3.

And the #2 is a lot like Volt's speed buff, but lacking the strength augmentation.

If you have better ideas though to replace those abilities that fit in the concept of the frame, I'd like to hear them.

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