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Banshee Prime 70Pt
Chroma Prime 〆
Loki Prime 199Pt
Mag Prime 〆
Mirage Prime 〆
Saryn Prime 〆
Valkyr Prime 〆

Boltor Prime 80Pt
Latron Prime 34Pt
Sybaris Prime 25Pt
Tiberon Prime 30Pt

Pyrana Prime 15Pt
Vasto Prime 45Pt
Akvasto Prime 75Pt

Galatine Prime 40Pt
Kogake Prime 35Pt
Redeeme Primer 49Pt
Silva & Aegis Prime 24Pt

Helios Prime 〆

Imperator Vandal 40Pt

アイスR3 5Pt
アラクネR3 15Pt
トリッカリーR3 15Pt
エナージャイズR0 〆
パックスチャージR3 50Pt
パックスシーカーR3 50Pt
パックスソアーR3 50Pt


Primed Pressure Point 〆
Primed Heated Charge 40Pt
Primed Cryo Rounds 〆
Primed Animal Instinct 50Pt
Primed Continuity 〆

Growing Power 50Pt
Adaptation 30Pt
Magma Chamber 30Pt
Hypothermic Shell 10Pt
Sharged Bullets 34Pt
Contamination Casing 20Pt

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