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Pending Changes To Elemental Mods


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DEScott mentioned in the last livestream that the elemental mods were do for an overhaul and mentioned that the plan is to make them proc on crit. He did not clarify whether he meant that the damage would proc on crit or the effect or both?

here's my thoughts:

If you only change them so the EFFECT procs on crits. I FULLY support this change. It would make criting a little more meaningful and  balance the CC power of the mods.

BUT if you make it so the DAMAGE procs on crits, I think it is a horrible idea. The weapons that have high crit chance will be just fine, but those with low base crit% will be near useless.  You'd need to buff the base crit % on most weapons in order for this change to be practical. Please do not implement this change!

Just my two cents. 

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he did mention fire would add a dot on crit instead of just cc

This is what I would like. Keep the current function, but add an additional effect on a crit. I like using cryo rounds to cc, and I'd hate to have that only really work with the Soma.

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