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Update Failed And Playing From Steam.


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I'm not sure if I'm the only one this is happening to, but here's the thing. 


I've been playing warframe for about a week now and about two days ago My launcher won't update and fails on an endless loop. I've tried deleting the steam version and tried to play the site's version as an admin but the same thing happens. It's not being blocked by my firewall and my connection is fine. 


Now I'm playing this on steam so I have two questions. 


1. Will putting in a support ticket to the warframe website work for this issue, or do I have to cross over to the sites version before I have to put in a ticket?


2. Am I the only one this has happened to? 

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i got the same problem today :


"Update failed! "

"The content servers are temporarily unavailable"


"the update will be restarted shortly... "


its a loop

my internet works fine  - with other games also, PC is clean , antivirus doesn't  block it ( on/off) , running as admin-restarting doesn't  help, i dont play through Steam.I unistalled the game and downloaded the launcher again but it does the same thing, so now i dont have the game any more ....well ....

I have been palying the game for months till yesterday - i didnt even use my PC till i started the launcher today...

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