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Mastery Rank Level 10 Test


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After falling down of a Plateau the Player will be spawned on the same missing one (of cause falling again) over and over until the Mission fails.


This test is in my opinion a Joke.

To shoot the Enemys you have to aim and then there is no way to see the floor.

Constantly running an gunning doesn't seem to work. The floor seems to keep despawning by timer, not time you stand on it. What skill is supposed to be tested that way?


And only be able to do this test every 24h ?!?   by that you guys prevent any kind of learning by doing for us players.


The mastery Rank system was the only thing keeping me playing it was a goal to work for and now with that broken tests is nothing left for me to do...


keep up the good work




P.S. sry for the poor gramma and english; i'm german so most of the time i'm missing the right words to express me.


Please accept my apologies.



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Think you expressed you frustration very well Neo!


I'm not really frustrated.

It's more that i'm sad, because i can't progress(*) in my way to become a great Tenno. That's however the way i see the Mastery Rank system.


(*)[in a Game, i put this far over 300 hours in to, willing to dubble or tripple it.]

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