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A Disruption Conduit spawned 2 Demolysts (one which was broken)


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I was running the Ganymede disruption node solo, using Mirage Prime, and a Trinity Specter.  This happened on version 25.0.7.

On the first round of my run, I successfully defended 3 Conduits. 3 Conduits, 3 dead Demolysts.

I then activated the 4th (I do not remember its color nor which buff/debuff it provided). 

Not long after, as expected, a Demolyst ran in.  It had the special Demolyst map icon, it glowed red, its behavior was to beeline for the conduit as any Demolyst would.  Its name was simply "Demolyst", with no other signifier such as "Moa", "Heqet", "Satyr", or "Machinist".  Just "Demolyst" for a name.  IIRC it looked like a regular Corpus crewman of some kind, rather than the Amalgam models of the Demolysts.  I do not remember whether it fired its nullification pulse. I killed it before it quite reached the Conduit, so it never started its suicide animation, if it was going to.

I killed it, and did not get credit for the end of the round, the timer was still going, the conduit still active.  I stood around in confusion for about 15 seconds, when a Demolyst Moa ran in from the same corridor the first Demolyst had come from.  I killed that Demolyst Moa, got credit for defending the conduit, and the round ended.

The broken, duplicate Demolyst seemed to me like what I might expect a base/parent type for the other Demolysts to look like.

I don't really know what one might do to repro this. However, this is the very first time I have brought Mirage to any form of Disruption node, my best guess might be weirdness with Hall of Mirrors.

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