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Sub Sectors.


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I'm proposing an Idea to add Sub Sectors which act like mini sectors in main sectors of planets. Within these Sub sectors, your actions would affect those sectors. One example. 



Player Performs a Sabotage mission within that sectors, for Example Choosing to cause Magnetic anomaly within that sector. after completing that mission, all missions within that minisector will have magnetic anomaly. with additional bonus on to add. Replaying the sabotage allowing the change for the ships status Magnetic to Freezing or to Burning or Radioactive leak.

Another Example, Completing mission while alarms are ON will cause enemies at the start of mission to be on alert mode. Completing mission When Alarms are OFF will keep the enemies off the alert on start of next mission within that sector.

Each Mission would cause some form effect for other missions within that zone, most clear being the sabotage. Subsectors creating possibilities that could be done with missions affecting one another such as preparing assault on Stronghold, causing somesort effect on such place. Upsides and downsides. 

Also possible option of other Players actions having possible effect on the subsectors conditions.

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