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A New Warframe Suggestions.


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Hello every wframe. In the last stream I v heard that developers don't know yet what warframe will by add next. So I d like community to place some suggestions in this topic. I don t want to push any one. Just suggest.

So to get started I d like to say that about half year ago some one mentioned a berserker type warframe. As a person who played or tried to play in MMOs, RPGs and simply any game as most brutal, turned on head, insane and furious playable character I found a bit strange that in such great project with this absolute battle sistem and guts spill everywhere, turn head off and such damage model a berserker class warframe is steel not add yet. It must be a low armor extremely agile melee fighter. Fearsome looking.With plate sigmented armor on his left shoulder and plate heigh glove on forearm. A ram type horn helmet. Back plated skirt on the waist.

I v been thinking about abilities for "berframe" and I have ideas for this aspect aswell. First I think of is a "split leap". Jump toward target, deals a wide slash stike to enenies. Or at the end fo this ability a drop down move with arm hand to the floor spliting target upright in two nice pieces. ( it ll be most fun with fragor or daggers )

The second one is "blood bath". Which is a mass vampiric for a damage or kill buff. Every time hit/kill enemy flow of blood drops fly to warframes.

Each berserker must have "rage". A painful roar animation ( hands on heart ). Self buff increases melee hit rate and damage, immun to knock down but taking of shilds and armor.

And for the ulimate a "massacre" skill. I don t figured out how it can be animated but &#! a result enemy pieses and gallons of blood flying to the ceiling. (or rino's stomp type but with enemies on spiks from the floor).

So that s what I personally want and expect from a berserker tipe warframe in a close furure. ( form CBT times)

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I want a Warframe with an arm as a melee weapon :D like half infested lol..not Dark Sector inspired ;)








- Thanks :D



If we ll  get a mele weapon instaled in warframe, then all other weapon means nothing. so as developers hard work on desining it.

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So. Hello again. Mike had just broke my loving heart with berserker type warframe. I meam a design.


First of all she is a she. ( it s not a big problem, but it just seems not right )

Secondly she looks like Nova with big witch nails. She is just don't looks as fearsome as she needs to be called berserker. Historically berserkers were so horrifying and feared for that fellow viking give them separate ship to sail. Just so.


Please understand that I m saing it cause it a realy a point of a greate pain for me personally. As I said I v bing looking for berserker tipe character to play. And in a game with so greate combat sistem I expected something more. I understand that Mike tries personalase warframs as much as he can but his berframe look idea is just head to the wrong direction.


I m realy sorry for saing that but it was like a axe to the heart.

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Yeh. I want to say that the concept design for Berserker is totally away from my liking. She looks pretty  squishy, deformed (in bad design way) and totally not looking fearsome.  


Well - that's my kind of magic.


I like the Cul513 abilities idea and i want to share mine. Still - have the feeling is pretty late for that and i doubt Scott will look on our suggestions. But - whatever, i want to spit it, because i loved this game [until update 10].


Concept: i like the idea for more battle female warframe - something like Rhino. Not spamming  ultimates on every corner and second, but using long time buffs and dmg effects. I will permit myself to quote [DE] Megan from other close-related topic:


A brutal skull bashing Warframe doesn't sound too bad to me!

Pretty nice for my taste, should say so! :) :D


I imagine warframe which can be deadly not from one-hit-cast-abilities, but more from proper synergy of abilities and players skills. SO... here it is:







Health: 150

Shield: 75

Armor: 10

Power: 100

Sprint: 1.0




1 - Battle Rage (25) - Berserk roar like Rhino, but this affect only her. Cast a buff on the warframe that is affected by duration and area mods.

Effect = depends on how much enemies she kills it will apply buff on dmg. Duration depends on how much enemies she kills and die around her (killed by team mates). Also Berserker gain bonus dmg based from how much lower her Health is.

Leveling and effects:


Dmg bonus /Health reduced   0.1/0.25/0.3/0.5 per 1% Health lost (only when under Battle rage)

Dmg bonus per killed enemy [%]  1/ 1.5/ 1.5/ 2.5

Max Affected Enemies              5 / 7/ 10/ 10

Duration  [initial]                       7/ 7/ 9/ 10

Duration bonus [kill by Berserker] +1/ 1/ 1.5/ 2.5

Duration bonus [kill by team]  +0.5/ 0.7/ 1/ 2


Visual: red glowing aura (not affected by your energy color);



2 - Provoke - (50) - Berserk shout [animation is similar to Banshee's Scream] and affect near allies and enemies. It gives allies bonus dmg, to enemies  stun for 2 sec [not affected by duration mods] and provoke them to attack her. If Battle rage is active on the Berserker she will get a buff to Armor for the duration of the skill.  Can't be cast again until the previous cast duration is not finished. Dmg bonus not stack with other Provoke, but stack with Roar [Rhino]. New Provoke [] will refocus the attention of the enemies.

Leveling and effects:


dmg bonus             [%]  10/15/20/30

Armor bonus               +10/ 15/ 25/ 50

Armor bonus per enemy +1/ 2/ 3/ 5

Duration                      7 / 10 / 12 / 15

AOE                        12 / 14 / 17 / 20


Visual = berserker glow in energy color, pulsing with red aura color if Battle Rage is active, every 2 sec.  Team and affected enemies glow in energy color.


3 - Leap - (75) - Berserker leap forward  15 m and hit the first enemy [this stops her leap] on her path dealing dmg and knocking down the target. When hit the ground she unleash shokwave that knockdown enemies around her. If she hit a target, after she unleash the shockwave he take penalty to armor, because of  his damaged and deformed suit. Enemy can be affected by this penalty only once and the penalty cannot stack from cast of other Berserkers.

Leveling and effects:


Dmg                      150 / 250 / 450 / 650

AOE  [m]                7/ 10 / 13 / 15

Armor penalty [%] 10/ 15/ 25/ 50


Visual = the enemy who takes the penalty has smoke effect or something different - is good to be easy to spot and recognize for players.


4 - Carnage - (100) - Berserker fall in frenzy and can use only her melee weapon. She take dmg as normal, but just can't fall in dieing state until the duration end. She can be healed but only on 50% rate. While the ability is working she will gain fire rate, sprint speed,  minor vampire regeneration and major regen to health and stamina on every killed by her hand enemy.

Leveling and effects:


Fire rate                10% / 15% / 25% / 35%

Sprint bonus            5% / 10% / 15% / 25%

Vampire regen  [%]      0.5/ 1 / 3 / 5

Health/Stamina gain  10/ 20/ 25/ 50

Duration                     5 / 5 / 7 / 10


Visual = maybe a red filter is activated when the ability is cast - to represent the frenzy state of the warframe. For this i'm not very sure, but my suggestion for activation is a 1second red filter that appear to any player when this is cast. Otherwise - no visual specific (well - sound and animation of course, but no energy aura). By this way - anyone will know that the Berserker cast his Ulti and goes on rampage! xD




My though of playing with the Berserker is to be constantly under Battle rage (or when possible) - it is long duration skill so is no need to be recast often. Main goal is to change your gamestyle a bit (not much really) and to want kill anytime is possible - but also - not not be far away from battle and your group. Going on solo is not restricted - you can kill few enemies - but lose the bonus duration goth from the big battle in which your team fall and Mag crush around 20 enemies at once... xD  So is still your choice.


She can use Provoke or Leap to control the battle field, but the abilities duration and mechanics make them not suit for often recast. Of course there is possible use of constantly spamming Provoke, to buff team and your armor and Leap to stun-lock group of enemies, but i think due to their cost, they deplete her energy (even with Flow/ Energy Syphone and  Steamline) quite fast.


Carnage can be very good synergy with Provoke and the last is good for stopping group of enemies from dmg cryopods  or lure them away from dying team mate. Also with Battle Rage and Carnage she can apply tremendous dmg (roughly +50% dmg for 0 Health + 25% dmg bonus for 10 affected enemies = 75% and this can stack with Rhino's Roar!!!) with her melee weapon (Shindo, Galatine or why not Pangolin/Dark sword?) and increase fire rate.   She will be bloody whirlwind on the battlefield...


Leap is great for boss fights, because of the Armor reduction and until the Armor 2.0 change some, at 50% state - i think is useful even on higher levels (60+). Also can be (particularly) used as escape tool. 


Provoke is key tactical ability which gives survivability [here  ii'm positive that is point for argue, because berserkers are wild and throw their armor in battle - yes, i know that], because we all know what happen when lvl 90 enemies gang you. Pretty nasty bang! So roughly +100 armor is not very much [well, on theory is 50% reduction] and if she has base armor = 10 is quite balanced. Poison from our beloved Toxic Ancients ignore this attribute, so is not too OP. Well... that is roughly my idea. I get tired from writting [as you can see, english is not my native language and i'm not very good at it] and i'm sure i bored you enough. So, thanks for reading! ;)


And sorry for my bad english. I'm sure is big pain to read it... but i really love this game and just can't overriding on my ego to not say what my thoughts was.

Thanks again, fellow tenno!



P.S.: yeh, i know i'm not in the design council, so all this is pointless, but - can't stand to not share it.

P.S.2: apologies for some not proper numbers or mistakes - more of the ideas pop-up in the time of writing, so i re-change them few times. is possible to left some old parts. = /

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