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Armistice is preventing me from moving my Orokin Lab


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I'm doing a restructuring of my Dojo and part of that means moving all of my labs around.

The problem though is one of the rooms that needs to be destroyed is my old Orokin lab. It says "Room cannot be destroyed while there are active projects being built inside it".

My Tenno lab had active pigment research and I could delete that so why can't I delete the Orokin Lab? There's no reason this Permanent Armistice should prevent me from deleting a room when it is preventing me from completing a piece of research that is preventing it from being deleted. I now have 2 Orokin Labs that can't do anything.


DE please disconnect the Orokin Lab from the Armistice. Let us build even just 1 thing of the Orokin Lab projects so the lab can be moved.

The following is what I see when I try to delete the first Orokin Lab I've built

Which would only make sense if I only had 1 Lab. But I have 2.

When I head to the Solar Rail Assembler terminal I'm blessed with this which is caused by the armistice preventing construction, which in turn is preventing lab deletion. Progress can not be made because the armistice is preventing construction, which is by extension preventing 1 of 2 Orokin Labs being deleted. It's been Half built for what, 5 years? How long has this armistice been going for now?


I also have a half built Vapor Specter regiment, which would be another aspect that is preventing the room from being deleted. You can see to the right that there are resources in the project, but as you can see by the message it can not be completed due to the armistice, which means this is a second item preventing the deletion of my first Orokin Lab.



Hell, here's a lovely photo of me standing at the 2 Orokin Labs in my dojo. The left is the new one, the right is the old one I want to deconstruct.

As a fun test, I decided to see if I could deconstruct the NEW Orokin Lab. lo and behold I can deconstruct the new one, EVEN THOUGH IT HAS THE SAME RESEARCH PROGRESS AS THE ORIGINAL ONE.
Why oh why can I only delete the new one when I can't delete the old one? The old one is preventing me from deconstructing the 3 hallways between it and the elevator to its right


Please DE. If you're gonna lock the Armistice permanently on, at least let us clear off Orokin Lab research to collect the Clan XP, and so the lab can be moved and deconstructed. You gave it dragon keys, but took away everything else about it.

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I second this, have my dojo construction plans dumbly locked by that armistice thing. I am missing A SINGLE ARGON from one project and that prevents me from moving the lab, so i have to build around the one indestructible room always present.

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I've been restructuring my dojo in preparation for railjack and this issue is causing a lot of problems. The lab is attached to the same corridor as an elevator which means I can't move that either. Please, even just a way to cancel the active research, this has been a problem for years at this point.

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Also had this issue.

For me, the right hand console had an underway "Solar rail: Tower class". I didn't spot it immediately because clicking on it gave be a "Build" button rather than a "Contribute" button as I would have expected. The UI was also messed up as the OP's second screengrab, however I had a "Cancel Build" button available which worked OK.

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I have a similar problem. Can not destroy the orokin lab because of "active projects being build inside it" - but there are no active projects! I can try to start the "Solar Rail - Tower Class Research" and "Vapor Specter Regiment Research" at the Tactician Console but get denied because of the armistice. Same in the Research Console for Phase, Force and Cosmic Specter Regiment Research. But still - can't destroy the lab, which means I can't reorganize my Dojo.

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