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Underrated skins/Skins you'd like to see more of in Warframe


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I'm probably gonna get called on this, so I'll address it first, I'm making this thread in partial responce to the new wave of Desert Camo skins featured in Nightwave and the recent Diriga skin from Baro Ki'Teer, but I've had this idea of a thread in my mind for a while now, Diriga was just the reason I decided to make it. Personally, they're my least favourite skins in the game but I'd imagine there are some people who enjoy them, I am however a little salty all the new skins were Desert Camo. Now onto the thread.

What are some Skins for Weapons/Sentinels/Etc that you wish you saw more of? Or skins you feel are underrated?

My favourite series of skins are the Harkonar skins for weapons, though I dislike those pieces used as armor/syandana.

Here's some pictures I took of what I personally color my Harkonar weapons, using a default Excalibur to help showcase these a little better.













My two biggest problems with these skins, are however, not on the skins themselves, but rather how they look by default. I feel as though the default colors used as a base on these skins sells them short, and people dismiss them as another low-tier weapon skin. Here's an example of how they look in the market.



Their default appearance hinders their potential to the average consumer unless they manually test it out for themselves.

My second biggest problem is that the skins are for weapons I don't see much personal use anymore, which is again not the fault of the skins themselves. If we could get more of these skins with the same color potential I'd have a field day obtaining them all.


And if, by some miracle. Someone who can make a bit of magic happen was to stumble upon this thread, hit me up with a Harkonar Miter skin please? I know it's not a meta weapon but it's one of my favourite non-meta weapons.

Anyway, is there any examples anyone else has that they would like to share? I'd be interesting in being convinced to try some other skins out, or even being given a reason to give the Desert Camo skins another chance.

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