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Vent Kids spray paint can secondary


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Idea I had, seeing the Vent Kids graffiti style art on the hoverboards and walls and whatnot. Probably unlocked at some standing level with the Vent Kids, maybe max.

Would likely have some kinda silly Vent kids name like "Shaker" or "Rattlecan" or something. Would be a can of spray paint. On reload, the tenno shakes the can, with rattling noises and everything. Damage type determined by energy color, like Chroma. If secondary energy color unlocked, can combine colors to make secondary damage types, like radiation or corrosive or whatever.

Bonus points if it also paints the enemies the energy colors, would be fun to paint the Grineer pink. Really the primary reason I wanna play with the weapon. Otherwise it's just MR fodder imo. 

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