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Unknown Bug With the Ropalolyst Boss Fight.(potential spoiler for those who cant access ropalolyst yet)


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hi, i'd like to report a weird bug that we have no idea how it happened.. me and a clan mate were doing the ropalolyst fight (he wanted wisp) and on our second run this happened.. i have it all recorded on video since it..really hard to explain.. ill try to but watch the video (dont need to watch the whole 4min, just the first 10 second to know what is going on really).

we started like usual, i broke his shield with my amp then rushed to one of the pillar, jumped on him then ram him into the pillar. when spawning back on the platform tho.. he started running(?) (going insane) in circle and we couldnt do anything.. my catchmoon was also not able to hit his weakpoint and we had to restart the fight (no big deal but lost some time i guess..atleast it was funny to watch.,.)

anyway here's the link to the video i've uploaded to youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPGsPtqJGiw&t=19s

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